Get To Know Me!e!

Hey, I’m LAFFY, THE Creative Copywriter + BRand Voice obsessive. And I believe…

There are 2 words at the heart of all THE BEST stories

6 letters that have turned ordinary into extraordinary. Biz what-ifs transformed. Side quests unlocked, lives pivoted, and futures rewritten. All because of two teeny tiny, seemingly insignificant words…


But, let’s be clear…

The magic of the “Why Not” moment is not about capturing grand biopic-worthy adventures – it’s about seeing the epic stories born out of your ordinary moments & everyday choices. 

It’s about getting to the heart of your BRAND'S Why Not story

…no matter how underwhelming you may think it is.

Because that story you think is too “boring” or not “dramatic” enough to share? To matter?

Yeah, that’s the exact one your dreamy people need to hear. Or…read.

The point of your story isn’t to dazzle. It’s to evoke a feeling. To build a connection. When you connect, you relate, and that’s what humans hiring humans need. Not to be dazzled by you...

They need to see themselves in you so they can imagine themselves where you are. My beautiful friend, stories are about change – big & small. They're about your evolution.

And there isn’t a humans in the world that didn’t evolve into what they do now, into who they are now.

You see, I didn’t always believe I had the chops to write for myself, let alone others…

Picture this: 

A tiny-ass, rom-com-esque town in Northern Canada. That’s where I first mustered the guts to put my musings on the World Wide Web. 

With literally nothing else to do (beyond embracing the call of the wild, seriously),  I wrote. Pen to paper. Fingers to keyboard.

I wrote about what I knew. 
About my experiences.
My feelings. 
My everyday adventures.

And I had only one rule: Whatever I wrote, I published.

Week in and week out, for a year, my raw thoughts graced the screens of humans in the online realm. My goal? Prove to myself I had the guts to do it. Because, well, WHY NOT.

One blog post at a time, my confidence grew, along with my audience, and slowly but surely, it became a space for me to start sharing about my favourite thing…


Channelling My Inner WordNerd

With a certificate in Book Publishing to my name, I started to unknowingly build a brand around all things word nerdiness.

My blogs & posts evolved to spotlight the power of words. Dreams of helping writers bring their works to the world as their copy editor emerged. And were actively being pursued.

Then the universe dropped a message into my WhatsApp:

“Hey, I know this isn’t technically what you do, but I really love your vibe. I’ve been looking for a copywriter! Would you be down to write me an email sequence?” - my mentor at the time mentor

*Googles* “What the hell is a copywriter?”

Gulp. Inhale. Exhale. Reply - 

 “Sure, why not!”

There they are again. Those 2 tiny words. Shaping and changing the story. Bringing me here to you, friend. The most pivotal of pivots. 

Fast forward 4 years, and here I am. 

Still obsessively learning & practicing all the ways words show up in business. All the ways they trip us up, boost us up, mind meld us.

Still writing copy and having a ball with that first copy client. In fact, her copy has more than once been sent to me by clients as inspo for the kind of copy they're vibing with. How convenient, I tell them.

Plus, today, I wear more than just the copywriter hat… 

I’m your go-to brand voice whisperer, writing mentor, & hype woman 

**hums the Mission Impossible theme song**

The mission? Should you choose to accept it

Get you confidently expressing yourself as you on the internet.

 In other words, creating marketing that feels genuine and connects with the humans you’re downright stoked to serve.

Together, we’ll shape your story to intentionally position you as a pro so you don’t leave those dream connections to fate (or serendipitous WhatsApp messages).

But there’s more to the story than just words. Beyond the words, I’m here to guide you through the mindset hurdles that can make it tough to share your magic.

I've worked with all kinds of clients & businesses across all kinds of niches. From budding creatives to seasoned pros, photographers to biz coaches – the North Star remains the same… 

It’s that moment when it finally clicks for them. Their ordinary “Why Nots” have morphed into an extraordinary message with a unique perspective and endless potential for expression.

They just needed someone to help them find the words. Sound familiar?

Well, that’s my “Why Not” story…

Through seemingly ordinary moments & everyday choices, I built a biz I fangirl over. A biz that’s allowed me to write words for & guide close to 100 rad humans in turning their “Why Nots” into WordThings they’re stoked to share, and that makes their dreamiest clients pause & think, "This is exactly what I needed to hear."

So, what do you say? Ready to get to the heart of your “Why Not” story so you can connect with your dreamiest clients? 

Let’s do this thing!

Write My WORDS

Client Feels

“The day I launched the single page copy for just my services I had 5 inquiries (previously I had zero) and also had people screenshot sections and tell me how much they loved it.

I now feel at ease and a little bit stoked to dive into writing Instagram captions and email newsletters. I feel like Steph has given me permission to be me and shown me how to translate it into words. Working with Steph was so exciting as she brought my own voice to life in a way I would never be able to do myself.”


“I struggle with balancing "fluff" in emails with compelling sales points and I wanted to make sure copy was on point. After receiving Steph’s copy, I was THRILLED! I felt like the emails contained exactly what I wanted to convey to my list.

They were story-driven, personable, and very well-written. The challenge and sales emails EASILY saved me at least 15-20 hours of time -- and they also allowed me more time/energy/space to focus on the other important details of the launch.

Not to mention, 2/9 of people who received the emails joined the membership! Steph was super personable, fun, and really easy to work with -- she made my launch emails 10x better and 20x less stressful!”


“Copywriting is just not my wheelhouse- I love writing, but Steph just has a WAY with words that captures clients' voices so perfectly. She makes even a simple email full of passion, love and attention! 

Steph has been the master behind huge 6 figure launches for my clients- she captures their voices so perfectly it’s as if it were them on the page.

The most recent email sequence created by Steph for a client launch resulted in so many pre-sales that the cart closed early! She handles all objections and fears in the emails before the client can even muster them up in their own minds! Steph delivers everything on time and creates emails that convert at really high rates! She’s a dream to work with!” 


“Working with Steph has been one of the BEST decisions I have made in my business.

I used to struggle MASSIVELY with copywriting and it used to really hinder my results when I would do a launch or if I was trying to sell a new product. But, since working with Steph, things have completely changed. She not only has incredible writing skills but she’s able to perfectly encapsulate my energy and my voice so that I still feel confident when I’m sending out emails that my audience is receiving what I want to say, rather than just a stock standard copy message.


A Few Things You’ll Either Love (or Hate) About Me

“I love your chill, Laffy,” says almost every client I’ve ever had. Why? Because we’re writing words, not preparing for a space mission. This isn’t do or die, my beautiful friend. It’s more than okay to take your time and go at your own pace. This includes shedding the “shoulds” around marketing your business and really letting yourself flow with the go every now and again. If your words are part of what’s making you feel un-chill, allow me to work my magic for ya.

I've been told I’ve got that "cool kid" vibe. Blame it on the tattoos, the snapbacks, or my undying love for Converse. But here's the thing: My brand of cool isn't about exclusivity. No, thank you. My cool’s an everybody-is-invited, come-as-you-are but don’t-forget-the-chips kind of party. No cliques, no ego—just a refreshing blend of "cool beans" energy as we dive into your brand's story. Like, do cool people even say “cool beans?” So, pull up a chair, we’re swapping competition for collaboration & community.

Trying to stand out in the online entrepreneurial chaos can feel like you’re fighting against a deadly poison - with no cure in sight. Lucky for you, it just so happens I have the antidote. Owning your youness, rocking your quirks, and channelling all your weird into words that connect, inspire, and, most importantly, drive your dreamy people into action. One of my quirks? Cheezy crime shows with dramatic poisoning plot lines. Need a hand in finding yours? Cool. Supporting rad humans like you in nailing their brand voice is kinda my jam. 

REAL relationships. That’s the priority. So when you see my emails ending with “Lots of love for you,” know that I mean it. In my world, it’s all about that cool human-to-cool-human connection. When I work with beautiful humans who have big, audacious goals, or regular-size goals for that matter, it’s super important to me that we vibe. Like, all the way vibe. Because, like you, I value my time and energy in a BIG way. So bring all the realness, please. Btw, I’ll always show up 3000% as me, too - complete with my best hoody-and-messy-bun biz suit on. On the same wavelength? Let's create together.

The Chill Factor

Just Do You, dudeness

Leading With Love is just the way I roll

Lots of Cool. No Cold Shoulders.

Every writer’s got quirks. Here are a few of mine…

If a book has wizards, elves, vampires, or writing in the jacket description, a bookshop in the title, or Neil Gaiman, Seanan McGuire or Adrienne Young as the author photo, I’m reading it.

Other than writer of words, the only other career I’ve had was a 10-year stint in the service industry. My persona was Bitter Bartender.

I love me a curse word. Definitely expect to hear one or two on our calls. 

My stress coping mechanism of choice is watching the same rom-com, cheezy action flick, or ultra-cheezy crime show 100x over (currently on the obsession deck: Love at First Sight.) If it’s been deemed a cinematic masterpiece, it’s probably not on my must or most-watched list.

The first thing I was ever paid to write was air purifier descriptions. We all start somewhere, friend.

I have four…yes four…furry companions. They're the primary reason I see the outdoors and don’t permanently live in writer gremlin position.

Under the blankets, flashlight reading Steph, wouldn’t believe we’ve made a career out of words. Heck, I still don’t believe it sometimes.

While I freaking love humans, I'm a card-carrying member of the Mega Introvert Club. I do my best thinking in those solo, hoodie-and-messy-bun moments. 

“Add to dictionary” is my favourite Grammarly button to click. Never be afraid to invent words when the moment calls for it.

There is absolutely zero logic to my Recently Listened To Apple Playlist. (Probably Currently: Love at First Sight Soundtrack)

Pen isn’t the only ink I’m into. I’ve got *stops to count* 12 tattoos (and counting.)

Well, you’ve heard my story. Now, I’d freaking love to hear yours.

More than listen, I’m chomping at the bit to help you get to the heart of your brand's "Why Not" story and write it in that authentic-to-you voice. From there, you’ll have what you need to confidently weave it throughout allll your marketing. 

Ready to captivate those dreamy clients with some WordThings magic? Let’s do this thing!

Let's Talk