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How to Turn Your Bad Decisions Into Killer Copy

November 4, 2021

We’ve All Lived Moments We Regret

We’ve lived through bad relationships.

Made bad decisions.

Done dumb things with questionable people.

I sure have.

Wanna know what I learned from every single one of those regretful moments?

  • Sometimes terrible life choices make the most killer stories.
  • Sometimes the cringier the story, the more effective the lesson.
  • Sometimes you’ve just gotta lean into the “Why Not?”, see how it plays out, and live to tell the tale.

Those stories that randomly pop into your head when you’re trying to fall asleep?  

You know the ones.

1. Spin them into a lesson to share with your dreamy people. 

You don’t want them making the same mistakes you did, do you? 

How can you connect the lessons you learned there, with the lessons you’re trying to teach today about what it is you do for your clients.

Kind of like how my ex-boyfriend who was obsessed with Tucker Max taught me to see the bad decisions as the best stories.

2. Weave them into your content and copy.

This doesn’t mean you need to write entire blog posts telling us about it. 

It can be as simple as integrating them into your Instagram captions to capture the attention of your readers. 

It can mean referencing them on your about page as a way to add humour or personality.

Use them to connect and relate to your dreamy people.

3. Take inventory of them.

Take inventory of those stories and decide which ones feel right to share. Then filter out the bits that are just for you, obviously.

Set yourself up so that the next time a cringy bad decision pops into your head, you write it down, instead of stuffing it away. 

I have a commonplace book in Notion that I use to store all of mine, but your system could be something as simple as a designated notebook or your Google Notes app. 

Just collect them! Then tell them!

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