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Whether you're a fellow wordnerd, a small biz owner, a creative human, or you've just chanced upon this corner of the web, this resource page is packed with the things that have made it all just a little bit easier for me; hopefully, they'll do the same for you. And just a heads-up: a few of these are affiliate links. This means I might earn a little something if you make a purchase through them. But rest assured, I personally use and stand by each one of these suggestions.

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Notion Template: Idea & Flow Organizer

No idea left behind (or lost in a notebook)…

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Find Your Vibe: A 7-Day Brand Voice Challenge 

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Ready to send love notes or quick queries to your copywriter & WordThings mentor? Loom lets you record your screen, face, or both with just a click. Communication has never been so fun!

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Wave goodbye to the dread of email marketing! With Flodesk, you can design on-brand emails and set up workflows minus the headache. Snag 50% off your first year with my link.

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Meet my digital sidekick, Dubsado. This trusty client portal keeps all the nitty-gritty - contracts, invoices, and scheduling - neatly wrapped up in one space.

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Canva Pro

Dive into Canva Pro and bring out the designer within. Ideal for those who don’t have the design gene ✋🏻, this platform helps you craft everything from beautiful social media visuals to killer lead magnets.

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On the hunt for a writer's haven? Notion is your spot. Or at least it’s mine. With a blend of ready-to-go writing templates and smooth collaboration tools, it supports every facet of a writer's journey.

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In the world of PomoFocus, productivity meets simplicity. It's a digital timer inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, your secret weapon to amplify focus and manage those essential breathers.

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Chat GPT

Meet your new favourite brainstorming assistant – Chat GPT, the cutting-edge AI conversationalist. Whether you’re looking for task assistance or a bit of chitchat, this platform delivers with precision.

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Step up your writing game with Grammarly. Beyond the basics of grammar checks, it elevates clarity and charisma in your writing, making every word count.

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Best Emails to land in your inbox and inspire your Wordthings

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If you're looking to learn more about storytelling, creativity, brand voice, and developing a writer's mindset, the Laffy Email Squad is a pretty cool thing to be a part of. So. Are ya? Yeah? Awesome! 

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Copywriting Examples

Any better way to start your Monday than 6 copy tips straight to your inbox, I think not. Ok, well maybe a few other ways, but it's still awesome, ok?

VeryGoodCopy Newsletter

My absolute fave source for “Micro” articles, interviews, courses and series about copywriting, storytelling, marketing, and creativity. 

Austin Kleon

Look forward to weekly doses of art, writing, and imagination curated by the bestselling author of Steal Like an Artist.

Dan Nelken

Boost your creative confidence with this newsletter, designed to inspire and nurture your ideas.

The Art of Noticing with Rob Walker

Ideas, inspiration, and provocations for creativity, work, and staying human. from author Rob Walker.

Sticky Notes

A weekly newsletter that will make you more creative.

Words Are Only Half the Battle

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Laffy's Literary Repeats

PSSST…Books are my main squeeze forever and always. I share more about the reads that woo me in my monthly instalment of Laffy’s Literary Adventures. 

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