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How Owning Your Voice Will Transform Your Life

January 28, 2020

Fact: Owning who you are and the voice that comes out of that human is going to change the way you show up in your life and in your business. 

Because when your confidence in yourself overpowers your fear of judgement and rejection, you make all kinds of space to be all that you are. 

I get it…it’s hard. I’ve been there. Like…recently.

In fact, this time last year I was fully hiding behind a shield of sarcasm and introversion. 

It wasn’t until I was presented with the scary idea of finally putting my writing + opinion out into the world that I faced my fear of judgement head-on. 

I had a choice:

  1. say what I thought people wanted to hear (and suck all the fun out of actually doing it).
  2. Say what was true to me from where I was standing (ding ding ding). 

And, I will be forever grateful for 2019 Laffy for choosing the later. 

Wanna know what I learned? We’re almost never afraid of what the world will think, we’re afraid of what OUR world will think; our family, friends, co-workers, that dude you worked with 12 years ago but for some reason still follows you on Instagram. 

It is only once you realize that none of those people are really thinking about you (sorry, not sorry) that this step becomes way less about impressing people and way more about what you want to say, how you want to say it. 

Bold statement coming at ya…Letting go of this fear and owning my voice completely transformed my life. Sincerely. 

I stopped caring if people would be turned off by the fact that I swear or that my Instagram feed was now filled with long ass captions about my journey. 

And, do you know what happened?

Strangers, old friends, new friends…started reaching out to me about how much they had needed to hear what I had to say. How it had uplifted them, reminded them of who they wanted to be, and inspired them.

And, THAT right there is why I started all of this in the first place. To inspire you to confidently own who YOU are and what YOU want YOUR life to look like. 

I became empowered to take big bold steps towards the things I had dreamt of and had hinted at for YEARS as ONE DAY goals. 

I went from bartender to blogger, to business owner in the matter of a year because I now had the confidence that I could make it happen as ME. 

A year ago I was someone who knew she wasn’t living up to what she was capable of, but instead of taking action on that thing, I was spending my time making excuses. I was desperately seeking direction and guidance, from anywhere or anyone. 

Today, I am someone who is coaching friends to find that direction and guidance within themselves. Because that’s where it’s at! That’s where it’s always been.

I’ve become a person who can say “You can fucking do this” (whatever “this” is.) because I have. I KNOW that if you really want it, you can make it happen.

That dream you have that seems almost funny it’s so outlandish? You can fucking do that. 

But, step one HAS TO BE owning who you are and how you want to lead your life. 

When people talk about owning your voice, they are often referring to the way you write or speak, to the level of “authenticity” you bring to your life. And it’s true, the way you present yourself to the world will play a huge role in your success.

BUT, there is no fucking way you’re going to find your voice before you find out who you are and who you want to be.

So, starting with the writing exercises and content audits is absolutely pointless if you don’t know where YOU start and end.

What are your limiting beliefs? 

How have outside influences affected the way you live? 

What masks have you been wearing out of fear? 

What roles have you adopted out of a sense of responsibility rather than drive? 

Are you living as you? 

Do you even know what that looks like?

What are your dreams outside of other peoples expectations and opinions?

That’s where it needs to start.


  1. KEEP YOURSELF IN CHECK: Are you filtering what you say for someone else’s benefit? Did you change that f-bomb to a more family-friendly alternative for the benefit of your in-laws?
  2. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE THAT LOVE WHO THEY ARE AND LIVE FROM THAT PLACE: Confidence is contagious dudette. Surround yourself with people that spread and promote love, for self and for others.
  3. NAIL DOWN YOUR VALUES: Once you know what you truly value in life, it is much easier to stay true to those things (in your content, actions, goals). So, what do you value?
  4. COLLECT ANECDOTES: People connect with people. Use real-life stories to spread your message. Every night write down 3 things that happened to you that day. Watch storytime unfold before your eyes.
  5. OWN YOUR QUIRKS: I use words like dudette and rad, which is not going to jive with everyone. But, you’re going to recognize me as me online or in human form because it isn’t an act. I really do speak that way. #sorrynotsorry What makes you quirky?
  6. MAKE MINDSET THE PRIORITY: read books, hire a coach, pick up new habits (like…mediation, journaling, and exercise). Do what you have to do to get that mind right. 
  7. TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME: If you started with one tiny step today and took a step every day until next year? Where could you be?***I am now able to fully own that I am a creative conversion copywriter but it started with me writing a blog post, then 50, then becoming an editor, then hiring a coach, then taking opportunities as they presented themselves (and figure it out as I go), and now, here I am…owner of Steph Laffy Copywriting (mind fucking blowing to me still sometimes).***
  8. REMEMBER, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE: You have no idea how the life you are living now has been aligning you to where you want to go…so stop using “it’s too late” as an excuse. ***I worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years and this year (a year after I shifted industries) I was able to start a copywriting business. Why? Because I spent 10 years working my listening + empathy muscles in the restaurant industry (not to mention my Bullshit-o-meter). Combo-pack that with a lifelong obsession with reading, a Book Publishing degree, and an insatiable desire to learn, and you’ve got yourself a copywriter. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be one (or really even know what it was) until this year. So, stop putting restrictions on yourself or your life before you’ve even taken the steps to try. You have NO idea how life has been prepping you for where you’re headed. Because if I can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS.***
  9. DO IT SCARED: You are never going to feel more ready than you do right now. So lean into the fear and do the damn thing.

The power of your voice starts with owning your youness as a superpower.

There are people who are looking for exactly what you’ve got going on. 

And, I 210% believe you can create ANYTHING once you own who you are, who you want to be, and own your voice as that badass human.

And, remember…

Life is yours to create, so write the story of your damn dreams!

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