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Why You Should Be Prioritizing Your Curiosity (Like, NOW)

February 11, 2021

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how far we’ve come…to focus on just how far we have left to go…

Until one day you’re having a conversation with someone and they ask you a question regarding your realm of expertise…and you have an answer. In fact, you have a whole wealth of guidance and inspiration to share. 

And, it hits you…

“Woah, I kind of know what I’m talking about. When did that happen? When did I learn all of that?”

It’s in those moments that you realize that following your curiosity was the thing that got you there. 

That you learned without really trying at all. 

You’ve, of course, put in the work. There have been long hours of google searching and drafts, but here you are. 

No classroom sit-downs or all-nighter study sessions. No grades or awards. 

Just you, your laptop, and the drive to figure it out…one client at a time…one question at a time…one goal at a time.

And all of a sudden you’ve surpassed all the goals you had set for yourself. 

You became the woman you always knew you could be. 

You set goals that are in line with that woman’s potential. 

You learned by becoming. You learned by doing. 

That, right there, is the greatest thing you can do for your confidence…for yourself. 

Decide who you want to be and then slowly shift to be a little more like her every day. 

Pursue what sincerely makes you curious, trust that it’s the right thing to do. 

Because it isn’t enough to just be curious. 

You have to follow that curiosity. You have to take action on it. And the sooner the better.


Looking back on my life, it is almost hilarious to think about the stages of life I went through in avoidance of my true curiosity only to end up doing what I do now. 

For too long, we try to fit into a box of what we think we want or should be. 

I grew up obsessed with books and words but never saw it as more than a hobby. 

Low and behold, when I finally chose to lean into that love…that curiosity…my life finally shifted to where I always knew it could be. 

And it started with me taking the plunge and choosing to blindly follow my curiosity a little at a time. Now I make a living through words. 

  • What interests you?
  • What intrigues you?
  • What would it look like for you to pursue that today?
  • Could you take a class?
  • Could you read a book?
  • Reach out and have conversations?


How about instead of being critical of yourself you chose to be curious? 

We’re always thinking about the things we should, need, and want to do. And for us life-loving dream-creating badass business owners, that list never really seems to cease, does it?

There is always something more we could be doing for our clients, our business, ourselves. 

A lack of a list is certainly not the problem.

The follow-through…that’s the hard part. 

Knowing what to pursue, push through, and what to leave at the door.

It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves when we stay stuck in indecision for a while. I know I am.

But, it occurred to me…what if I was curious about why I keep putting that thing on the back burner, instead of critical?

Look, there will always be times where you won’t “feel” like it. That’s another story.

I’m talking about being curious about why you consistently don’t want to do certain things… 

Why it’s so hard for you to write on a certain topic… 

Is it because you have resistance to work through or is it because it’s not something you actually care about?

If you are constantly + consistently unmotivated to explore a certain topic or do a certain task, 

maybe it’s time to check-in with your brand + biz, and decide if it’s something you actually need.

Is it really aligned with yours and your brand values or is it just something you think you “should” be doing…

If so, maybe it’s time to take it out of the roster… 

Because your quirky + the things that make you curious are what your dream peoples are looking for, dudette.

So get curious about the moments you feel the most like you, the most pumped about your biz…and do more of that. Your energy will shift in the process.

  • What topics really light you up? What tasks? 
  • Can you pivot your content? 
  • Can you do some outsourcing?

And, if you need some support in getting to the bottom of what you want to say and how you want to say it…you know where to find me. Helping you nail down your brand voice and all the things that make you, you are what I’m all about. But, don’t ask me to do anything visual…I’m eliminating that from my roster. 😉

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