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Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis

January 20, 2020

How To Establish a Daily Practice, Infuse Your World with Meaning, and Succeed in Work + Life

This book came to me at the EXACT moment I needed it.

I had finally come to realize the Non-Creative story I had been telling myself was complete and utter BS. I had embraced myself as a creative person but I was still looking for guidance on how to meaningfully blend creativity into my life and newly formed business. 

Because I knew that truly making creativity a part of my everyday life and actions was going to be the key to really CREATING the life of my dreams.

And, that is exactly what CREATIVE CALLING is. In fact, Chase Jarvis wrote it as the guide that he wished to have had at the beginning of his creative journey.

Not only does he cover owning creativity as a superpower that every single one of us is born with, but he dives deep into the strategies, habits, and rituals that he put in place in order to truly CREATE the life of his dreams. 

The steps to take, the people to surround yourself with, the mindset, the motivation, the connection…all of it.

He exemplifies every lesson with real-life stories from his own journey and those of his equally impressive friends (from the likes of Brené Brown, Richard Branson, and Brandon Stanton) and I have to tell you, I found this to be the most influential part. 

So often we forget that our mentors and heroes started where we are. That there was a time where they weren’t certain, that they struggled, that they abandoned, that they were misunderstood. 

It is so powerful to see how he learned along the way, and how far he has been able to take his life by following his own path. 

Hard work? Obviously.

Failure? Obviously. 

But all fuelled by a passion to do what lit him up. 

And, THAT is exactly what I needed the moment I picked this book up; a guiding light to REALLY remind me that we all start somewhere and that if you are willing to put in the work, be consistent, and be steadfast in Just Doing You, Dude that you can do it too. 

Creative Calling is a book that I will be referencing again and again as I lean further and further into creating success for myself in my life and business. It really is a guidebook to owning your creativity as a “duh”, honing in on the power of following your own path, and the strategies to scale your dreams. 



“A good life is designed. Created.” — CHASE JARVIS

One of my main takeaways from this book, and the other Chase Jarvis content I’ve consumed since finding him, is that you have the power to CREATE every single part of your life, day, moment. 

You get to choose. And, it is by creating with intention, from that place that smiles when you’re doing something that excites you, that you are going to create an extraordinary life. That you are going to create the magic you are meant to put out into the world.


“The only way to “fail” at creativity is to stop walking the path altogether.” — CHASE JARVIS

Something I have had to let go of is the idea that creation must be for the means of some end, other than just to create. This, my friend, is bullshit. 

Creating in itself…the process, the imagination, the effort…is what brings value. It all serves as a lesson and a step forward on your path. 

Understanding this is the key to moving forward fearlessly because you understand that there is nothing to lose, only experience to be gained.

Failure is inevitable, you may as well fail doing something you love. 


“As long as I was doing what felt right, I figured, the rest would figure itself out—and it did.” — CHASE JARVIS

Living from a place of uniquely youness takes courage. It takes choosing to listen to your gut above all else. It takes trusting that that will lead you where you are meant to go. No matter what anyone else has to say about it. 

No successful human (Chase Jarvis included) ever started their journey toward leading a full life knowing EXACTLY where they’d end up or how they’d end up there. They just took that first step in the direction that felt right. Chase Jarvis knew he wanted to take pictures…so he did…which led him to the next step…and then the next.


“The more creative you are day to day, the better you’ll become at building the life you want.” — CHASE JARVIS

Chase Jarvis’ mission with this book is to re-educate the world on the fact that inherent creativity is a fact…in all of us. Not a quality reserved for those living as the stereotypical artist. 

And he associates that innate ability to a muscle. And, as a muscle, it needs to be worked in order to function at full strength. So start implementing creativity into the smallest parts of your days, whether it be changing that recipe you always make or learning a new song on the ukulele. Over time, it will become a habit. And, over time you will develop rituals around these habits (protect them fiercely).

Just start by stepping outside your auto-pilot and start actively creating your life. 


“Creators create. Action is identity. You become what you do. You don’t need permission from anybody to call yourself a writer, entrepreneur, or musician. You just need to write, build a business, or make music. You’ve got to do the verb to be the noun.” — CHASE JARVIS

As in all things in life…to truly achieve success you need to get over your own limiting beliefs and take action to make your dreams happen. Planning your creativity will not get you anywhere. 

Those who achieve greatness take action despite fear, despite their limiting beliefs, despite the obstacles. They do not wait for inspiration. They go to work, share their work, and grow from every creative endeavour. 


“You are not your art. The greater the separation between your ego and the products of your creative efforts, the happier and more productive you’ll be.” — CHASE JARVIS

Fear of judgment kept me from really putting myself out there as a creator for a VERY long time. It was not until I realized that I was the one that was first and foremost judging my creative projects that I learned to just let go. 

It’s from this place of freedom that I am now able to just create and see where it goes. No expectations, no judgement. Only exploration and fun. 

It is about owning the power of the “shitty first draft” and using it as a tool to propel you towards where you want to go.

Of course some things won’t work out, but I will have learned something about myself and the work in the process. And, learning is the FUN part. 

Having a solid grip on this mindset has given me the freedom to let go of the “shits given” around how others might judge me. I know I am walking my path, and I know I am taking steps towards the place I am meant to go. 


“Start before you are ready. Start with fear. Start with uncertainty. This is one of the biggest secrets of the most creative, happy, successful people: Just start.” — CHASE JARVIS

This has been the greatest obstacle and lesson of my life. Just start.

Things will flow from there.

And, you will only regret not having started sooner. 


“Just remember that “winning” simply means seeing a positive slope over time. Know thyself, and you’ll be just fine.” — CHASE JARVIS

For me, this ties in with self-compassion. You will fall, you will fail, and the climb to “success” might be slow, but you just need to keep taking consistent steps forward on your path with love for yourself and your journey. 

Until one day you’ll look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come.


“Instead of rebelling or conforming, simply choose. Choose yourself.” — CHASE JARVIS

What you have to share is something that is entirely unique to you. When you share it from a place of authenticity, confidence, and courage, you will touch people’s lives. Because there is a universal truth within every single story. 

So, embrace all that you are and put it into your work. Be vulnerable, and tap into the lessons you have to share (that’s where the magic is at). There are people out there who need to hear them…from you. 


“Be willing to zero in on one thing you want to do next. Focus, improve, and take your ego out of it. Stop hiding.” — CHASE JARVIS

While creating and throwing it at the wall like spaghetti to see what sticks has its place, do not be afraid to create ambition around your creativity. 


  • How you are going to get it out to the world, 
  • Who it is meant for, 
  • How to mitigate your losses, 
  • How to take smart risks, 
  • How to set goals, 
  • How to prioritize time
  • How to organize your workspace… 

These are things, that as a society, we do not associate with the creative stereotype and I am so grateful that Chase took the time to really walk us through how he scaled his creative business from a place of authenticity so that we, as creatives, can do the same. 


“To achieve a new mindset and transform your life, you have to believe two things: Your situation—whatever it is—is changeable for the better; and you are capable of making that change happen.” — CHASE JARVIS

Let go of the things that drain you. Make that choice. 


“Become so good at the fundamentals of your craft that they become automatic and effortless, like breathing, walking, or chewing gum.” — CHASE JARVIS

Take an active role in creating your life by putting the time, effort, and energy into really learning and mastering your craft. 

Whether it be through studying those you admire, online classes like Chase’s Creative Live courses, or Skillshare (click the link for 2-weeks unlimited premium classes), or practice practice practice…work to become fluent in your craft.

He even offers an acronym for the tool he associates with his success:


  1. Deconstruct the work of those who have mastered your craft.
  2. Emulate their work.
  3. Analyze what worked.
  4. Repeat.

But, above all else…Be resourceful and be curious. 

And remember…

Life is yours to create, so write the story of your damn dreams.

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