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The Key To Connecting With Your Dream Clients

November 4, 2021

I was having a chat the other day with a client who was feeling antsy about really stepping into her I’m-extra-awesome-just-as-I-am shoes.

You know the feeling…

That backspace and then retype 10 times, only to never actually post the thing or send the message.

Or the, put on the extra-cool outfit and then immediately remove it because we don’t think we can “pull-it-off” (even though we own it eye-roll).

You catch my drift. And I think we can all relate to the feeling. Hmmm?

Well, I’m going to tell you the same story I told her…

The Power Of Owning Your Weird

I was hanging out on the ‘gram, as you frequently do as an online biz owner, and to my delight that DM bubble announced a notification (yay, friends!).

Turns out this was a new friend (and soon to be client). One who wanted to let me know that she also enjoyed books about wizards…

Yes. That’s what we initially connected over. Our love of fictional characters and all things mystical.

Here are some of the other things I’ve bonded with clients over recently:

  • My “chillness” (their words, not mine)
  • My four-legged besties.
  • My love for all things sarcasm and caffeination.
  • My love for tattoos and international escapades.

I think you get the gist.

Not once has someone approached me and been like, “You just seem like the most knowledgeable, professional, and experienced copywriter and brand storyteller I’ve ever come across. That’s why I’d love to work with you.”

Sure, they’ve learned something from me and for themselves. But that is NOT what’s ever prompted them to start a conversation.

Being more human in your brand allows your audience to feel like it’s cool if they’re human too.

There will ALWAYS be someone more experienced, more knowledgeable, and cooler than you. But, your clients don’t want to work with them. They want to work with YOU.

Your YOUNESS has, in all its glory, magnetized them to you. You are the perfect level of cool for them.

  • What’s a quirk you would love to lean into more?
  • What are a few things you’re obsessed with?
  • What makes you tick? What irks you?
  • What do you want your audience to associate with you outside of your business? You are more than just your business and so are they.
  • What words do you use often? What sayings? This is your permission slip to say things the way you want to, the way that feels good to you.

Making your brand voice, tone, and language 210% your own starts with being you in your copy, dude. So freaking own the things that make you weird and PLEASE stop giving the backspace button such a workout!

Want to see the power of weird in action? Come join the Insta Fam! (@stephlaffy)