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The Power of Disconnecting to Connect

February 17, 2020

There is always more to do.

There will always be more to do. 

Sometimes you just need to stop thinking so much. 

Sometimes you need to let go of the need for input. Of the need to have information entering and enriching your brain at all times.

Look, I get it…it’s hard.

For weeks I feel like I’ve been in an endless stream of podcasts, instructional YouTube videos, calls, and conversations. And, if I am not stimulating my brain auditorily (it’s a word) I am reading about it. 

I lost the habit of sitting in stillness. Of allowing my thoughts to flow in and out of my brain without interruption or distraction. 

Sometimes our thoughts are not good time vibes, but ignoring them is never the answer. 

It is amazing the answers and the clarity that will come to you when you just shhhh. 

I have not been shushing. 

From the moment I wake up I go straight from bed, to coffee, to journaling. A practice I value IMMENSELY but that has come to feel a little bit like a scheduled task.

Not so long ago, I would sit for 5-10 minutes with my coffee and just stare out the window. Sounds like a hoot right?

But, these 10 minutes make all the difference in how the next 3 hours of my day will go…hell the next 8 hours.

When I allow myself to sit lost in my own thoughts and just be, I give myself back control of the moment.

And, I become acutely aware of the times when my impulse is to pick up my phone to fill a gap in time.

There will always be moments of tired, of overwhelm, of pressure. 

Pressure to step outside of your vision.

Pressure to be better.

Pressure to be more.

Pressure to step outside of your values. 

Pressure to step outside of you. 

But, there will also always be a choice. 

And, look, I get it. This happens. There are seasons in everyone’s lives.

But, being aware of what is best for you is half the battle.

The patience, the love, the ambition, the hard work…all of it comes from those 10 minutes of quiet I demand every morning. 

And, it’s time to get back to that.

Sitting in quiet with a coffee and a puppy asleep on my feet…THAT’S how I want to start every day. 

Making room for the flow…for the magic. 

Because you can’t hear it through all the noise. 

You need to make space for it. 

I choose to make space for it. 

It’s so hard to not feel pressured to be absorbing information at all times. Especially as business owners, we feel we need to be on our game and upping our game always. I get it. 

But, by being in a constant state of input and output, you are leaving no room for new. 

For your mind and spirit to just create from a place that’s entirely your own. 

You might think you are. But, you have no idea how influenced you can become by that scroll. 

So, just for fun, shut off for a full 24hours: no instagram, no facebook, no instructional videos, no podcasts. No screens at all…if you dare. 

Then see how you feel.

I bet you will finally come to realize how much you already know. How much in that big beautiful brain and heart of yours is just waiting to come out.

Absorbing information from a place of desperation is a consequence of lack of confidence in ones own knowledge and abilities. 

And, there will always be new things to learn…and you should always be learning them. But, take the time to separate your thoughts from those of others. 

Take some time to take stock of your experiences, your expertise, your unique perspective. 

Because no one has the same one. 

And, without leaving space to really see through it, you may never know what’s yours and what’s your favourite YouTubers or podcasters. 

What you have to cling on to is…you. 

Who you are.

What you stand for. 

What you dream of. 

What impact you want to make. 

Who you want to make it on. 

How you want to make it. 

Only you are capable of doing any and all of those things as you. #fact. 

So, stop comparing yourself to anyone else, close your eyes, and ask yourself…what do I want to share today?

Now…write it down. And, keep writing until you have nothing left to say. 

Even if it only sees the light of your eyes, this exercise will show you what really matters to you…and how what you have to say differs from those you aspire too. 

Your perspective is gold. So don’t lose sight of it. 

Disconnect to reconnect, dudette.

Disconnect from the rest of the world for a day and reconnect with what you ACTUALLY think. 

Put the phone down…And, sit with yourself for a while. 




Just take a beat to remember what it’s all about for you. 

Re-focus your focus. 

Zoom in on that uniquely youness. 

Take an audit of what you’ve been sharing lately. Do you even recognize yourself?

What shift do you need to make? (language? topic?)

Now, ask yourself…why did I veer in that direction?

Fear of judgement?

Fear of failure?

Lack of creative flow?

Pressure to maintain consistency?

Dudette, I hear ya. Been there done that. 

And that’s why I’m going to tell you that, at least once a month..

You need to be having a social media detox day.

And, spend that day connecting with your vision for your life, your business, your relationships…etc. 

And, then I assess…have you been acting according to that vision? Why? Why not?

How are you going to change that in the month to come?

What do I need to make more space for? (more creative time, more outdoor time,…)

What do I need to make less space for? (less TV, less coffee,…)

There is serious power in expressing yourself, as you are; unfiltered, unapologetic, uniquely you. 

So, you need to own what makes you, you.

You need to own the quirky. YOUR quirky, outside of all the input and influence.

When it’s just you and a quiet moment.

Because being 210% you really is the key. 

The key to success in business and in life.

And remember,

Life is yours to create, so write the story of your damn dreams.