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Review: You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

June 25, 2019

You Are A Badass: The Sequel (Well, Sorta)

I would like to open by saying that if you are looking for a step-by-step practical guide to becoming a millionaire, this is NOT the book for you. You are not going to find investment tips or retirement savings advice on a single one of its pages.

However, if you are looking for a book to help you tackle your questionable attitude towards money…and pretty much all of life…then you should definitely consider picking up this literary delight.

After reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero (it is in fact Badass), I pretty much immediately ordered her second publication appropriately called You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth. Who wouldn’t want to be Badass as well as wealthy?

She writes in an unapologetically herself kind of way that I freaking love. Not to mention, I am attracted to most books that use language like “badass” and quote Dolly Parton.

In Your Are a Badass at Making Money, she tackles the power of our thoughts and mindset on our bank accounts with the same humour and actionable steps as in her first book.

Self-Help, but Different

Often times, I find myself having to read personal development books in chapters in order to really appreciate what they are trying to tell me but this book felt completely inspiring and entertaining. Gulped it right down, and then reread it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely a self-help book but Jen Sincero’s infectious humour and sarcastic flare sings to my heart, and the use of swearing for emphasis made it a really enjoyable read for me. 

It is also an incredibly relatable read as Sincero, herself, was perpetually broke well into her 40s. At which time, she decided to tackle her mental blocks around money and her own ability to attract it, earn it, and keep it.

She talks about her struggles with money in great detail and divulges how committing to changing her attitude and challenging her limiting beliefs altered the course of her life and her finances. 

“We have all the power within us to choose and create realities that totally kick ass.”


She does a fantastic job tackling how your attitude influences your ability to succeed in the you are a goal achieving money making machine with the right mindset kind of way.

I know what you’re thinking. “Ok… sounds sweet, but care to share how one goes about developing said kickass money making mindset?”

Well, that’s exactly what this book is about. Throughout each chapter, she has more or less lays out the framework of how she achieved a healthy relationship with money so that you and I can do the same. #yesplease

A little bit of woo

Be forewarned, this book definitely veers into the woo realm, but in my opinion, we can all use a little (or a lot) more woo in our lives. It’s woo, but it’s not full woo if you know what I mean. Jen’s down-to-earth vibe keeps this book pretty balanced.

In fact, I loved that Jen Sincero’s actionable tips often involved a journal, some meditation, faith in the universe, and some uncomfortable moments with the voice inside your head/heart.

I left it with tools that I will probably use for the rest of my life and have in fact continued to use almost daily to invest in myself (link to other post). 

For instance, I had heard of the power of visualization and affirmations but had never really thought of myself as “that type of person” (my mind would immediately go to The Secret, which meh). This made me reluctant to put these practices into play in my life.

But, what’s the point of reading a self-help book if you’re not actually going to let it, you know, help. So I followed her advice, and what do ya know, visualization meditation (not as scary as it sounds) is now a part of my everyday routine. I can sincerely say that it has completely changed the way I am approaching my life and future.

This one is my favourite if you want to give it a go.

Suffice it to say that although money is in the title of this book it isn’t even really about money. It’s ultimately about figuring out what you want, how you’re going to get it, having the resolve to make it happen, and knowing you are deserving when it does.

These branches of life are completely overwhelming (to say the least) if you’ve neglected them for any amount of time, but this book is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to create a vision for your life. (Something that has been a huge focus for me this year (link to investing article).)

Let’s be clear, I had never done ANY work around my money mindset so I was looking for a beginners guide. Jen Sincero was the perfect way for me to ease myself into reading more about self-development in this realm because, as I mentioned, woo+sarcasm+actionable tips=Happy Laffy.

“…you have to want your dreams more than you want your drama.”


Turns out I had some weird feelings about what it means to be wealthy, and, honestly, I didn’t expect that to change. Spoiler Alert: It did. Watch out icky money vibes! I’m coming for ya.


So if you want to read a book about why you feel gross about money, with actionable steps you can take to create a healthy space for wealth in your life while, incidentally, learning a lot about how you feel in the other realms of your life as well, then you should probably pick up this book. Just saying.

A little woo, a little sarcastic, a little get your ass into gear, and a whole lot relatable.

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